Instrumentation Lab Gap Matrix

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In order to highlight the research priorities in terms of Gas Turbine Instrumentation Development, PIWG on the US side and EVI-GTI on the EU side have issued a Lab Gap Matrix. A first EVI-GTI version was released in 2004, then updated in 2009, containing measured quantities on one axis mapped against engine location / working environment on the other axis.

Measurement types were structured as follows and after a voting process among OEM’s, each area was highlighted in green, yellow or red depending on their level of maturity or even availability.


Aerodynamics and Performance

issued 22 February 2017

Measurand/Measurement Externals and shafts Intake, Compressor (Front) and Fan Compressor (rear) Combustion system HP Turbine LP Turbine Exhaust
Pressure (MKS) 1 bar 1-10 bar 10-45 bar <45 bar 25-45 bar 1-20 bar 1 bar
Pressure (Eng) 15psi 15-150psi 150psi-650psi 650psi 370psi-650psi 15psi-300psi 15psi
Temperature (MKS) -40 to 300°C -40 to 300°C 300 to 700°C+ 700°C-2400°C 1000°C-1800°C 700°C-1000°C 700°C+
Temperature (Eng) -40 to 570F -40 to 570F 570 to 1300F+ 1300F-4300F 1800F-3300F 1300F-1800F 1300F
TRL assessments = Red 1-4, Yellow 5-6, Green 7-9
1. Airflow Measurements
Intake/core mass flow (Total/static P) datasheet
Offtake flow: orrifice plates/nozzles
Intake condensation/water content
Multiphase breather flows
2. Gas Path Measurements
2a. Gas Path: Dynamic Pressure Measurements
Semi infinite line - remote
Plasma discharge
Fiber optic (FPI, FBG)
Traversible dynamic pressure
2b. Gas Path: Temperature Measurements
Rakes, Including noble metals
Metallic Thermocouples
Ceramic thermocouple alloys
Fiber optic (FPI/FBG/BBR)
Absorption technologies
Laser based technologies - planar
2 D Mapping Tomography
Seeded flowpath technologies
Acoustic pyrometry
Intermittant choked nozzle
2c. Gas Path: Pressure Measurements
Rakes, Including noble metals
Traversible steady pressure

Rotating Structures

Stationary Structures

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