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SCITEK Consultants Ltd is aiming to provide a facility to include a number of engines, that are independent of OEMs. The use of new and innovative instrumentation has not greatly increased in gas turbine engines partly because the operating environment is harsh and also due to difficulty in convincing engine manufacturers to try out new sensors on their engines. Engine manufacturers want to buy new technologies in a fully developed state. However, this requires many cycles of testing on GTs leading to a catch 22 situation and in effect stifles innovation. The proposed facility aims to solve this issue.

Engines which can be included in the facility

  • Turbo jet,
  • helicopter and
  • APU Gas Turbines .

The aim is to establish a facility with a number of engines to suit different budgets. For example, engines can be used where the running costs are appropriate to suit the customer requirements.

Example Images

micro micro

  ALF 502R5 Test Engine                                     RR-Gnome Test Engine


Use of small engines to be carried out at SCITEKs in house facilities in Derby. The larger engines will be housed off site (location to be confirmed).

Who the facility will be offered to:

  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Engine OEMs
  • Universities that are looking to utilise the engines to validate some of the work they are doing
  • Students and Graduates - SCITEK intends to introduce a gas turbine familiarisation course

Type of modifications to engines

The engine can be modified to accommodate sensors from prospective users of this facility. We invite people to offer additional modifications that they feel would be beneficial on the table below.

Type of mods to accommodate: Comments:
Temperature probes
Emission probes
Optical probes
Pressure probes
Tip-clearance We envisage higher complexity to fit sensors at turbine end
Strain gauges Will require a telemetry system to be used to monitor rotating parts
New combustion chamber
On pylon signal conditioning

Probe specifications

We hope to create a database of probe holders, so we welcome potential users to forward sensor holder shapes. Provided there are no confidentiality or intellectual property issues, this database can be made available to the EVI-GTI community.

We aim to accommodate as many types and sizes of sensors as possible however due to possible space restrictions on the engines, each case will be considered individually. We will also offer smaller engines which are more accessible and have lower running costs.

We also aim to include multiple sensor holders so that comparisons can be made be between different sensor brands. This will also make it possible to facilitate the sharing of running costs if multiple sensor manufacturers test at the same time.

Type of running to be considered

Please add any other running uses that we have not covered.

Type of running: Comments:
Simulation of flight cycles For cyclic tests of sensors and for emission tests
Endurance testing
Engine health monitoring Faults can be inserted on components
Tests under different environments Spray of water based solutions into intake
Model validation For validating mathematical models under realistic operating conditions
New engine control algorithms
Monitoring engine performance under adverse intake environments
Use by Engine OEMs and others to trial new technologies Suggestions welcome

Indicative Engine Operating Environment

Shaft Speeds
Ground Idle Takeoff
Fan and LPC 1,826 RPM 7,000 RPM
HP 10,100 RPM 19,500 RPM
LPT 4,200 RPM 16,100 RPM
Max MGT (Measured Gas Temperature)
Startup 732°c
During acceleration 886°c

Expected Availability Date

January 2021

Further information

SCITEK are happy to discuss individual requirements with interested parties. Please contact Marios Christodoulou on We also welcome any feedback, and would be interested to hear any alternative proposed uses for the facility.

About SCITEK Consultants Ltd.

SCITEK Consultants Ltd was established in October 1997 in Derby with the purpose to carry out research and development services in aerospace and other industries and its mission has not changed since incorporation. SCITEK has 24 staff and is located in Derby in the UK. SCITEK Consultants Ltd provides R&D services with expertise in fluids, vibration, noise, test and measurement. The design, manufacture, instrumentation and control of research rigs forms the backbone of our activities.

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