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About us[Bearbeiten]

The European Virtual Institute for Gas Turbine Instrumentation (EVI-GTI) arose through the European Union’s Competitive and Sustainable Growth (GROWTH) programme in 2002. A definition of a ‘Virtual Institute’ could be found at that time on the EU Cordis GROWTH web pages and was: “A network that links geographically dispersed complementary research and industrial capabilities with the potential to become a legal and self-supporting entity. The difference between Virtual Institutes and networks of other types is that a Virtual Institute needs to demonstrate the capability to become self-supporting”.

The idea behind EVI-GTI is to offer and maintain a platform for turbomachinery OEMs, vendors of sensors and instrumentation and academia. We organize and provide workshops and conferences and form multilateral or bilateral consortia.

EVI-GTI Conferences are organized bi-annually as as European Conference. Every two years a Joint Conference together with the Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group (PIWG) is being held in the U.S. or in the EU.

Recent EU projects that have been generated, submitted and successfully completed within EVI-GTI are HEATTOP and STARGATE.

Together with PIWG we have developed and continuously updated the Lap Gap Matrix which sorts technologies for sensors, probes and instrumentation in several categories and shows which technologies are currently satisfactory (green), which are not available but can be worked around (yellow) and which are still not available today and thus prevent further development of gas turbine engines to higher efficiency (red).

Our Vision[Bearbeiten]

EVI-GTI's vision is to be the leading sector-specific Institute for the Gas Turbine Instrumentation community, providing a focal point for all sector needs and solutions, promoting alignment of strategic aims, collaboration, cooperation (leading to the collaborative development of R&D proposals to EU Framework programmes), knowledge exchange, training and development and representing members’ needs at every level.
The fulfilment of the aims of the Association shall exclusively and directly serve to promote the development of instrumentation science and research and its application in Turbomachinery in general but specifically in Gas Turbines.